Team Player

In my town there is city league with a somewhat exclusive softball team called, W L T F. Everyone thought it was the call letters for a radio or television station, but I knew a few of the guys on that team and I had been told that the initials were a secret known only to the team members. I told them that I was a better than average catcher and that one day I would like to join their team. Casey, the pitcher, was the guy I knew the best and he said he would tell the team that I wanted to be the catcher, but he warned me that they would have to vote on it and that there was a very unusual initation that involved a lot of humiliation and that I might not like it.

I really wanted to join the team, so his warnings went over my head. W L T F was always the city and sometimes state champions. There were always hot women hanging out for their games. I was single, horny, and never able to score with the chicks in spite of my muscular good looks. I was looking for friends and hoping to get laid, too. I thought one of the women might like me and go out with me if I was on the team.

Monday night, after the game, Casey came up to me and said he had talked it over with the rest of the team and they had agreed to let me join, but not until the next season.

"I can wait," I said.

"Yeah, but the initiation is tonight," Casey said as he packed up his gear. "We're going to my house."

When we arrived at Casey's house everyone went downstairs to his basement. It seemed to me like everyone knew where to go.

"If you want to join, you have to do this," Casey warned, but I wanted to join so bad, I agreed without knowing what was coming. I wanted to be on the team so bad, I would have agreed even if I had known what was coming.

"Guys, he wants to join. If he completes this will you accept him on the W L T F team," Casey asked the rugged group of team members. It all sounded sophomoric, like a fraternity hazing or something.

"It sounds like a fraternity ritual," I whispered to Casey.

"Well, in a manner of speaking we are a fraternity. We all watch out for one another, we share everything, and we are ways ready to help one another. We are buddies that will do anything for each other.

"We will accept him on our team if he proves himself as ready and willing to be a team player."

I still had no idea what was in store for me, but everyone seemed to be a little excited. Casey told me to go into another room, put on the blindfold, and wait until the door opened again. I complied with his commands, but was beginning to get apprehensive about the ritual. It was several minutes before I could hear anything and it seemed to be a lot of commotion in the next room, but couldn't make out what was happening. It was about ten minutes before the door opened and I was I was led back into the other room. Suddenly my mask was pulled off and I was surprised to see everyone except me was naked. There were Cocks of every size and shape surrounding me in a circle.

"The fraternity of "We Like To Fuck" wishes to test your willingness to become a member. Every man in this room has done this, and it brings us closer together for having done it. You can prove your willingness now if you will remove your clothes and prepare for the sexual experience of a lifetime." I still didn't get it. I thought they were going to bring in some of the chicks I had seen earlier at the game and there was going to be an amazing orgy. I never dreamed that I was going to be the team whore for the night, so I quickly shed my clothes and waited for instructions.

Casey ordered me to my knees and it was then that I understood what was coming, so to speak. Casey told me to open wide and he stepped up to the plate and put his hard cock in my mouth. I accepted his cock in my mouth and began nursing it like a calf nurses a cow.

Casey was of average build, 5'8", brown hair, green eyes, and I now know, well endowed. Casey pushed his full eight inch cock to the back of my throat. No one knew, but I had done this once before with a good friend of mine. It wasn't exactly a gay thing, it was just that Sean was really, really horny and needed someone to get him off. Since I had a little experience with sucking cock, I began to rhythmically bob my head up and down the length of Casey's cock. As I sucked on his cock, I could see the rest of the team was closing in around us, each rubbing his cock, as if he was getting ready for batting practice. I did my best to give Casey a good blow job, but I tried to look like I wasn't enjoying it. But I was enjoying it and the team could see that from all the precum dripping off tip of my cock.

I picked up speed to a near frenzy and within a few minutes Casey announced he was going to cum. I didn't want to let them know I had done this before, so as soon as I felt the head of Casey's cock growing bigger and harder, I pulled my mouth off. Casey's cock was throbbing and it looked like it was going to bust wide open, but it seemed like forever before the wad of hot cum hit my face again and again. Not only did Casey have a huge cock, but he shot an impressive load with unbelievable force. If my face had not been in the way, his cum would have hit the wall 15 feet away.

When Casey finally finished shooting on my face, I looked around, at all of the meat and groaned. It looked like it was going to be a long night for me.

Casey led me to a bed and told me to lie down on my back. As soon as I did, the team gathered around me. Casey told them to line up in batting order. and with that two guys stepped up to the bed. "At least I'm getting the big cocks out of the way first," I thought to myself.

Both men were well endowed, and both were as hard as a baseball bat. One guy stepped up on the bed, and sat on my chest and inserted his meat into my mouth. He leaned forward, and began fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. He went Slow and shallow at first, but soon he began to work his cock deeper and faster into my mouth. I wondered if I could keep up the pace. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, I felt the next batter was separating my knees and lifting my legs. In a matter of seconds I could feel his hard cock pumping my ass. I had never been fucked before and it felt really odd. I then assumed the slimey sensation was some kind of lube. In any case, his unseen cock was going straight up my ass. At least it was distracting me from the other guy that was pumping my mouth. It hurt at first, but with a huge cock in my mouth and a beefy baseball player sitting on my chest, I couldn't complain.

It seemed weird, but the two men were actually fucking me with slow and steady synchronization. I laughed to myself that I had matched cocks in my mouth and my ass. Both cocks were thrusting into me at the same time, and withdrawing at the same pace. My ass was sore and my lips began to tire, but I continued servicing both men for what seemed like an eternity. The guy in my ass started thrusting harder and faster and eventually he let out a loud moan, and I could feel the hot cum shooting into my ass. There was so much cum, it was like getting a cum enema. I couldn't see what was going on with my ass, but I thought there surely must be steam pouring out of my ass from all of the hot cum. When he started to cum, he made one final powerful thrust and held his cock deep in my ass. I could feel every spurt and when he finally stopped spurting, I could feel his cock throbbing against my prostrate. The sound of his groans must have flipped the switch on the guy in my mouth. He was over the edge, and past the point of no return. I could feel the now familair throbbing that preceded a big load. His cock suddenly got bigger and harder and with a little jerk, he blew his load down my throat. With him sitting on my chest as he was, he leaned forward just before his orgasm and forced his cock deep down my throat, forcing me to swallow his load. There was no pretending that I couldn't take it like I had done with Casey because this guy was so deep in my mouth I thought he was coming out my ass. As soon as the cum stopped flowing, both men dismounted me and high-fived the two guys taking their place.

The team continued until each man had a turn with me and then Casey was ready for seconds. I guess that brings a new meaning to sloppy seconds. By the time Casey was in my ass, I could feel the cum oozing out. My mouth was filled with the taste of cum. I never realized how unique the taste of every man's cum is. One of the guys was really bitter and kind of nasty, but most of them were downright sweet. I have heard that beer makes your cum taste sweet, so I guessed that must be the reason.

After Casey finished his second time at bat, he asked how I felt. "I am tired, very sore, and really horny," I replied.

"I have an announcement," Casey said. "Men, our new member has completed and passed his test. He is now one of us. I suggest that as a member of W L T F he is entitled to take advantage of the member benefits. We hereby off our bodies, one and all, for your complete sexual satisfaction."

"Where would you like to start," Casey asked. "I'm a pretty good cocksucker myself," he added as the entire teamed surrounded me. Casey grabbed my head and began kissing me and breathing in and out of my mouth. The next thing I knew there was someone sucking my cock, another guy sucking my balls, another guy eating the cum out of my ass, two guys sucking on my nipples, and two more guys blowing hot air in my ear.

The stimulation was too much and I wanted to stop it, but I couldn't decide what i wanted to stop. I decided to do what I had done earlier when I was being gang banged and I surrendered to the pleasure. My entire body, except my cock, went limp and I let them all have their way with my body. I was so relaxed they could have fucked me again and I wouldn't have cared. My mind was going in circles, from one pleasure to another, and another, and another. The guy sucking my cock was really good at it, but I had so much stimulation I barely noticed him. Every time I thought I might be ready to cum, he stopped and let the urge to cum pass. It seemed like hours passed before I reached the point of no return. I felt the head of my cock get bigger and bigger and the shaft was getting harder and harder and suddenly I felt a familiar cock thrust up my ass and hit my prostrate. I couldn't believe the pleasure. It must have been a matter of seconds, but it seemed like minutes, before I felt the cum shooting out the head of my dick. It was like pleasure in slow motion as the cum travelled from my balls, through my ass, up the shaft, and out the head. The more cum I shot, the harder the team worked me over. I thought the guy working my balls had swallowed them, and it seemed like there was a direct connection from my nipples to my cock. The harder they sucked my nipples, the harder my cock would get. They were licking every inch of my body. When the cum stopped flowing, I was exhausted and they had to carry me to the bed.

"Oh man, that was hot. It seemed like it took hours for me to cum," I said, trying to catch my breath.

"It was hours. I've got news for you, it's four o'clock in the morning," Casey said, wiping my forehead with a damp cloth.

"Welcome to our team," another man said, handing me a bottle of water. "You can play with us anytime."